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About the organization - Data Center for Journalistic Processing was founded in 2011 by journalists Lasha Kveseladze and Giorgi Pkhachiashvili.


While working, they both saw that in the wake of the development of the Internet, there were many interesting resources useful for journalists in the public space. As they grew, bragging in registers and other databases would soon become an inevitable, necessary skill for journalists, adding more depth and credibility to materials.


Databases have created new opportunities.

It was possible to collect information without leaving the office, without requesting public information and without relying on the goodwill of confidential sources. For example, checking several databases would give you an idea of ​​the activities of an official, his connections and property.

In turn, this analysis also requires time and resources. That is why the first product was created, the previous version of "Conflict Detector".


We started to combine the information found in different databases to help journalists with already prepared schemes to make the initial steps in their research faster.



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