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Finances of new faces

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Candidates for parliament membership have already submitted financial declarations, Civil Service Bureau has not yet published the data to the website yet, but we requested approximately 6000 declarations filled out by all the candidates running for the 2020 parliamentary elections.

We just got the data, so we haven’t sorted it out yet but we publish it as we have it.

To see the declarations of all the candidates go to this link.

We decided to publish these declarations, as it is one day before the elections, and it is pf public interest and this information can not be found anywhere else.

Declarations are divided into separate folders named after parties. Some of the files indicate which specific person's declaration is it, but some are still to be processed.

Some files contain the declarations of several people at once, so you will need to view the full PDSs in the party folder to find the desired one.

Note that according to the letter from the head of the Civil Service Bureau, those candidates who were previously officials and already had to fill out a declaration were no longer required to fill out an election declaration, so you will not find their declarations here and you should find them in the Civil Service Bureau database.

Among these declarations you can see the data of candidates who have not submitted a public declaration in the recent past, for example:

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